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Our goal is to provide you with the lowest prices possible on quality full-color printing and document preparation. To do this, we run a very tight operation and monitor our costs closely. This means that we will adjust our prices as needed when costs go up or down. So, the usual caveat of "Prices may change without prior notice" needs to be stated. Nonetheless, we will provide you with a 'hard' quote before you commit your order.

For a PDF file of our current price list, please click here. Notice that we don't use a sliding scale based on the number of copies, but we do ask for a minimum order (see below). In the near future, we hope to have one of those fancy java applets that will calculate an estimate for you, but while our programmer works on that, we hope the PDF will suffice. If not, send us an email or call us, and we'll be glad to fax or drop off a price list or give you a quote.

Fine Print:

All orders are C.O.D.; that keeps our costs low, which keeps our prices low. We ask for a minimum $25 order. We hand-deliver for free within El Paso county, so we think a minimum order is fair. Still, we often waive the minimum for our repeat customers. If we have to ship outside the county, or if we order product from outside the county, we only charge whatever the shipper charges us.


To contact us by email, please

719-264-1538          719-265-5295 fax          719-494-7901 cell